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Haloverse: Galactic Map by Halcylon Haloverse: Galactic Map by Halcylon
Halo Galactic Map

This piece took me almost 2 days to complete after a week of research and reading. No one has yet produced a map such as this before for the Halo Universe, and I just wanted to open the door. Plans are in the works for a higher resolution image as well as a flash application. This project could not have been accomplished if it weren't for my friends over at [link] and of course those crazy cats over at Bungie [link]

A lot of what I did here was think. I thought about where certain places would be in the scale of things and also, using my above average knowledge of where certain markers are in the actual Milky Way, I was able to put certain places - like Reach and Harvest - in an accurate position.

This is a growing piece and I would HOPE that if you have any conflict with this image you would post up your source. I would be more than happy to adjust places if I were proven wrong :)

I will not be updating this version of the map. This is a piece I like and am going to keep the same. The next gen will be more "accurate" - according to some people its not perfectly accurate with their findings. Updates will be sent out.

The foundation has been "broken" on the updated Haloverse Galactic Map.

For further discussion on this and the next upcoming project please view the thread here - [link]

Thank you! Enjoy!

Halo Galactic Map was created under Microsoft’s "Game Content Usage Rules” [link] using assets from Halo 3, © Microsoft Corporation.
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June 4, 2009
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